Just jump in at the deep end?

We open doors for you!

As more and more companies merge worldwide and relocation of personnel resource becomes more common, employees are being asked for flexibility, not only in their jobs but also in terms of location. Huge numbers of cosmopolitan people are being sought, who will be able to adapt to foreign cultures and methods of working quickly while working in their new position.

The new job demands an immediate and effective start. Our company will help to manage the personal issues involved in re-location to a foreign surrounding. This ensures a smooth and less stressful start for the individual. Our tailored offer will suit the individual needs of people moving around the world:

- visa application

- house hunting

- administrative service

- organising a telephone etc.

- selecting international schools for expatriates` children
We co-operate with moving companies and real estate agencies and take advantage of their experience. We are partner of the "german relocators" network and will also collaborate with other relocation services all around the world. With us, you will find an experienced partner, who will personally take care of your individual plans and wishes.