Service for companies

Proficient service  to achieve company targets abroad often requires the transfer of management resource to various regions.
A Study which was undertaken, says that up to 20% of these managers return prematurely because of professional or individual difficulties in adapting to their new home . Two thirds of those that remain abroad do not fulfill the expectations of their superiors.

However, the investments in the move of an employee are very high. These costs are 2-3 times higher than employing locally. Interrupted stays or even premature departures lead therefore to high expenses and loss of productivity. To ensure the success of relocation of employees, not only the professional, but also the personal needs have to be taken into account . The causes for failed transfers, often lie with integration difficulties in foreign cultures, language and professional life.

We help to minimise these difficulties.
The family needs to be included in the preparations of the transfer, because they have crucial influence on the performance readiness of the employee in the new environment.

A well handled move which makes the family more comfortable will have a positive effect on the employee.
We see our service as an insurance on the investment you make in relocating an employee. As a partner in the case of a move we come to an agreement with your personnel department and consider their internal transfer directives.

Also with the return to the native country integration difficulties develop frequently. The employee must often fill out a sphere of activity with less responsibility than abroad. The family must adapt to a new social circle. Our service can also assist with the positive reintegration of an employee when they return to their homeland. Successful reintegration of an employee motivates potential future Expatriates.
Our service will support the transfer readiness of your employees.

Please contact us should you require any further information.

We prepare all formalities meticulously, so that the visit takes place at the office quickly and in a relaxed atmosphere.

Relocation service
We provide the Know how of big forwarding agencies and provide reliable craftsmen.

House choice
We look on the free housing market and cooperate with reliable estate agents. We organise appointments, viewings or inspection plans and provide housing in accordance with the individual demand profile.

Family care
We consider the individual demands of all family members and support this with the help of our own experience.

We support you by the purchase of, or with the collection of hire car, registering with the local authority (TÜV) etc.

General service
We support you with the choice of a sports club and/or current program of cultural events of the city.

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